Viviana Cloud Wireless File Backup Solution for Sound Devices Field Recorders


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4 in stock

The Viviana Cloud box lets you upload files to your Dropbox account cloud service straight from a recorder or a card reader plugged into its USB-A 2.0 (1) port.

There are two USB ports available on the box:

  • USB-A 2.0 (1) data only, connect here your recorder
  • USB-C (3) power only, connect here your power source to recharge the battery. This can be either a Sound Device recorder series 8, a power bank or a power adapter set to DC 5V and 1A.

The box has a battery that allows you to upload your files without being connected to a power source through USB c port (3).
The battery has been tested to last up to 4 hours of continuous uploading under standard conditions.
You can check the battery status on the Viviana Cloud app on your smartphone.
We recommend to start recharging the battery as soon as the remaining charge is low and the box status LED (5) starts blinking red.

You can set up your Viviana Cloud by using the Viviana Cloud app (iOs 14 only for now) on your smartphone. Search for “Viviana Cloud” on the Apple App Store.

A Viviana Cloud app for Android phones is currently under development.

If you don’t have WiFi on set, you can easily connect the Viviana cloud box to your mobile hotspot and upload your files on the go.

Actually compatible with Sound Devices 8-series, MixPre and Zoom f8

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