Viviana Belt Puffy Pouch Large Black


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9 in stock


Viviana Belt Puffy Pouches are low-profile, ultra-soft, and feature a custom-made foam layer that provides more protection to your TX, while being super-comfortable for talent to wear.

Rig a transmitter vertically or horizontally to a standard belt or bra. Alternatively sew or pin into costumes for total versatility.

Pouch sizes:

Mini: SD A20mini – Lectrosonics SSM – Zaxcom ZMT3 – Tentacle TrackE

Small: Lectrosonics SSB, SSM, SMWB, PDR; SD A20mini; Zaxcom ZMT3; Tentacle TackeE; Micron TX700B

Medium: Wisycom MTP40-41-60; Lectrosonics SMQV, LT; Shure ADX1M; Zaxcom TRX & ZFR200&300

Large: Audio A10, 2040; Shure Axient AD1; Lectrosonics Lmb, UM500a, DCHIT; Sony UWP-D11; Sennheiser G3, G4, 2000s

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