Vaxis Storm 2000 Kit – V Mount


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5 in stock

-[Long-distance transmission & low latency] The measured barrier-free transmission distance can reach 2000ft, the image is still clear and stable at the extreme distance, and the delay is 0S

– [Optimization and Upgrade of Heat Dissipation] Its cooling air duct has been redesigned, and it can run stably for a long time even in a high-temperature environment, and the air duct and the motherboard are independent of each other, reducing the impact of sand and dust on internal circuits.

– [Antenna protection] The antenna protective cover at the receiving end can effectively protect the most vulnerable interface part of the antenna, and avoid twisting or bending the antenna. The interface part will be frequently stressed and cause poor contact, which will affect the live broadcast effect.

– [Interface built-in design] All interfaces of the sender and receiver adopt a built-in design, and the edge of the interface is flush with the surface of the shell, so that the interface is always under the protection of the shell, so as to avoid accidental fall, bumps, and poor contact or even damage to the interface.

– [Suitable for multiple scenes] It can easily meet the needs of live broadcasts in large venues such as stadiums and football fields. In any harsh natural environment, it can ensure the smooth progress of live broadcast wages.