Selens Removable Studio Stainless steel Flag Panel 75x90cm


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4 in stock

Selens 75x95cm Portable Stainless steel Flag Frame Foldable Panel Reflector Diffuser Fotografia Acessorios for Camera Photo Studio–magnetic

Newly designed Selens Flag frames with mounting pins attached, will make it possible to position the instrument over the top of the set wall or to use two or more units to create a box for better light control.

Traditional flag frame, large volume, not easy to transport and high shipping cost, take up a lot of space.

Selens saw the customer’s love for the product, as well as its pros and cons, so it developed the latest version of the flag frame, which can be dismantled, portable and small.The small size reduces the cost of transportation. Greatly bring joy and experience to consumers.

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