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Parts of the set
K2.0042636, TRH-2, TRINITY 2 Head, 16-pin, X-Body
K2.0042631, TRH-2 Ring Main Cable, Standard, 0.65 m/25.5"
K2.0040347, DUB-3, Dovetail Utility Base / 3
K2.0041235, TRINITY Side to Side Fine Adjustment
K2.0041201, Stabilizer Adapter Mount SAM-Zero
K2.0039443, Cam Pwr Gen.2, ALEXA 35, Mini, AMIRA, 24 V, 8-pin
K2.0039448, Cam Pwr Gen.2, 4-pin XLR, 12 V
K2.0010319, ARTEMIS Docking Bracket, 1.8in
K2.0040046, CSS Post Tool for ARTEMIS and TRINITY
K2.0010493, ARTEMIS Gimbal, 1.8"
K2.0010569, Gimbal Handle Extender for 1.8" Gimbal
K2.0010489, ARTEMIS Carbon Center Post, 1.8"
K2.0040332, Post Main Cable, 3B, 16-pin
K2.0038249, TST-2, artemis Top Stage, Gen.2, 16-pin
K2.0037739, BHM-2, Battery Hanger Module, Gen.2
K2.0037771, Power Cable, BHM-2 to TST, 12 V, 24 V, Bat. Data
K2.0041327, Support Rods 305 mm/12", 19 mm
K2.0040790, Support Rods 120 mm/4.7", 19 mm
K2.0037757, Hinge for Battery Hanger Module, Gen.2, 19 mm
K2.0039300, BMS-2, Battery Mounting Base, Gen.2, (naked)
K2.0036377, TPD-2, TRINITY Pendulum Gen.2
K2.0041090, RCP-3, Remote Control Panel
K2.0042837, CSS Clamp Bridge 52, 19 mm
K2.0043883, RCP-3, FS Can Bus Cable, 25 cm/10"
K2.0033569, Counterweight, CW-1, 150 g
K2.0041984, 12G HD SDI BNC Cable, 0.63 m/25"

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