ARRI Hi-5 Hand Unit Basic Set w/o Charger


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2 in stock

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Hi-5 hand unit with white-coded RF-EMIP radio module and accessories. Compatible with ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini, ALEXA SXT W, ALEXA 65, cforce mini RF, UMC-4 and RIA-1/RF-EMIP.

KK.0039973 1x Hi-5 Hand Unit Body Kit
K2.0033702 1x RF-EMIP Radio Module 2400 MHz DSSS K2.0036022 2x Li-Ion Battery Pack LBP-3500 K2.0039959 1x Hi-5 Neck Strap
K2.0039958 1x Hi-5 Hand Strap
K2.0040015 1x Hi-5 PanzerGlass Note: Battery charger is not included!

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