ARRI Complete Wireless Video Basic Set


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2 in stock

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One Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1 Pro Set, one Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 Basic Set and a case that fits one WVT-1, four WVR-1, cables and accessories. Includes:
K2.0014051 1x Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1 device
K2.0014893 1x 3/8in Thread Adapter
K2.0014216 1x USB Cable WVS
K2.0014331 1x Cable PWR OUT/12V (2p) – RS/PWR IN (3p) (0.5m/1.6ft) K2.0001637 1x Cable RS – RS/PWR IN (0.5m/1.6ft)
K2.0002668 1x Cable D-Tap – RS/PWR IN (0.5m/1.6ft)
K2.0001967 1x L-Bracket
K2.0014991 1x HDTV BNC Cable (0.3m/1ft)
K2.0014053 1x Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 device
K2.0014323 1x Multi Interface Adapter MIA-1
K2.0014774 1x Receiver Power Supply RPS-1
K2.0015006 1x Wireless Video System Case
K2.0014568 7x Antenna Video/WiFi/ECS
Note: Battery Adapter Plates for WVR-1 are not included and can be ordered separately.

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